How To Make an App the Brain Behind Your House Maintenance.

How To Make an App the Brain Behind Your House Maintenance.

The world is a beautiful place to live, if one can unravel the simple secrets behind a well maintained home. As you know it’s not that simple, if you consider all the floating parts that make your interiors problem-free. So, let’s find a good analogy to explain the typical components to running a good home. Take your brain for example, there are two major sides, left and right, that look alike, but are responsible for individual functions yet they don’t work independently of each other.

The left brain of your home

P.E.C. (Plumbing, electrical and carpentry) is the functional side to a home. Just like your left brain that deals with the analytical side of life, and is more logical then the other side. P.E.C. takes care of all the necessary behind the scenes action in a living environment. Any problem in this dept will be addressed by Zappy, the instant convenience app and its in-house professionals who are trained to specialise in these fields. Make sure you put your home under the scanner of P.E.C specialists periodically to ensure zero problems in these vitals of your home.

The right brain of your home

Anything to do with deep cleaning your home is another side to perfect maintenance. This includes regular pest control, sofa shampooing, carpet washing and de-staining, bathroom disinfection and sanitation and rigorous tank cleaning. As the right side of our brain deals with holistic thinking and the arts, these beautifying and health-centric services add more value to progressive home maintenance. Ask a Zappy customer and the answer would be “the professionals made my home hygienic beyond my imagination”. Purely because an app like Zappy uses the best equipment and personnel in undertaking these measures.

Two sides, one app

There are other essentials that need looking into regularly like your home appliances and AC Service which is another Zappy speciality. This can also categorically fall in either side of smart maintenance but like your brain that doesn’t favour one side over another, Zappy takes equal zeal to address any of these issues.  

So be it left or right brain, cleaning or P.E.C. the responsibility falls under one roof, one brain to pick and use instantly to tackle all your problems, that’s your Zappy app. As there will always be two Steve’s to one Apple, there will be two sides to every home, so don’t the flip coin to decide which issues to address first, download Zappy and see it work wonders.           


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