Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

    How do I book a service?
    Open the app on your smartphone, choose the service you would like to order. Enter the exact requirement and the schedule. We will arrive and fix the issue.

    What happens after I make my booking?
    You will get a message from Zappy saying that your booking is confirmed. You will get a call when your service provider is on his way.

    What are your hours of operations?
    We operate 24/7.

    What should I do if urgent service is required?
    Book a service with us as soon as you require one and we will serve you at your desired time. Your emergency is our priority.

    How do I contact customer support?
    You can email us at hello@zappy.in

    How can I update/change information in my profile?
    You can login to your account, go to your profile and click on edit to make changes.

    How to register a complaint regarding the service provider?
    You can rate the service provider and write feedback. Also, you can write to us at hello@zappy.in

  • Service related queries

    What should I do if the Zappian is delayed?
    We strive to be on time. In the rare case that our Zappy arrives late, please drop a mail at hello@zappy.in. We will fix it for you in a jiffy.

    What should I do if the Zappian doesn’t show up?
    There is a very rare chance that this situation may occur. But if it does happen, please give us a call at 8939344444 and we will immediately resolve the issue.

    What should I do if the Zappian damages something?
    We hire trained professionals who are experts at what they do. They carry out the services efficiently. In the rare case that something goes wrong, file a damage claim by sending an email to hello@zappy.in.

    What if the job takes more than the estimated time quoted by Zappy?
    We do our best to give you the estimated time. However, due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, the job may take more than the estimated time to complete. In such cases, we request you to bear with us.

    Do I need to buy anything if the Zappian tells me to do so?
    You may have to buy consumables, spare parts, etc. depending on the need of the service you have booked with us. In case our Zappy buys the materials needed for your booking, you will be billed on the actuals plus service charge and the bill will be submitted to you.

  • Do the Zappy carry his own tools and equipment?
    Yes. We assume basics such as ladder and cleaning cloth to be available at your home. If you require the service provider to carry a ladder, please mention it as special instructions during booking confirmation. There will be an additional transportation cost in this case.

    Is the equipment used by the Zappy branded?
    Yes. All the equipment used are branded and of good quality.

    If the service is not completed within your working hours will you extend the hours of operation?
    Yes. Once we have promised to deliver a service and started with it, we will continue even after the working hours to finish it.

    Will I be notified with the details of the Zappy who is assigned the job for my booking?
    We will provide you with the name, phone number and photo.

  • House Cleaning

    What is deep cleaning?
    Deep Cleaning is a house cleaning process where mechanized scrubbing and vacuuming is done. Deep Cleaning includes cleaning of ceilings cobweb, fans, light fixtures, split ac, pelmets, cupboard tops, loft external & frames, door frame, hinges, switch board, furniture, fixtures, cupboards external, inside kitchen cupboards, show case external, window frame, grill, groves, glass, doors & sills. Deep Cleaning does not include material segregation/ arrangement, grouting, tank cleaning, external area cleaning, and cleaning of walls.

    Do you use acids?
    No. We do not use acids.

    When should I get deep cleaning done for my house?
    Once in every 4 months. We recommend Deep Cleaning in following cases- When you have to move to another place, when your home is recently painted, when you have recently moved into your old home and it is very dirty, when you have to organize any auspicious ceremony at your home.

    Is there any inspection charge?
    Yes. There will be charge for inspection in all categories and in case you avail our service post inspection then the inspection charges would be adjusted in the final bill.

  • AC Maintenance

    What do you do in servicing?
    It includes tightness check of electrical connections (indoor & outdoor unit), indoor unit’s filter cleaning using water pressure and outdoor coil cleaning using water pressure.

    What if my AC is under warranty?
    Please check whether your AC is under warranty. Taking a service from external service providers would void your manufacturer warranty. If such is the case, please go ahead with an OEM service provider only.

  • Plumbing, Carpentry and Electrical Service

    Do your rates include the cost of materials also?
    No. There would be separate cost for materials which must be paid by the customer and will be added to the final bill.

    Do you have hourly or daily rates?
    Charges are service specific. Many services have fixed charges; however certain services are charged based on hourly rates.

    Do you provide warranty or guarantee for the materials or spare parts?
    We cannot provide warranty or guarantee for materials or spare parts as they must be provided by the customer. We offer a seven-day warranty for our services, such that if a problem of the same nature recurs, we will fix it free of cost.

  • Pest Control

    How is cockroach control treatment performed?
    In the cockroach control treatment, our Zappy expert apply CIB (Central Insecticide board) approved bio-degradable odor less chemical along the corners of the walls & places gel in the closets. The entire process takes up to 30 minutes depending upon the level of infestation.

    How is ant control treatment performed?
    Our zappy expert apply CIB (Central Insecticide board) approved bio-degradable odor less chemical along the corners of the walls & places gel in the cupboards. The entire process takes up to 30 minutes depending upon the level of infestation.

    How is bed bugs treatment performed?
    Our zappy expert performs fumigation process and sprays CIB (Central Insecticide Board) approved bio-degradable odorless chemical on the infested area/items (e.g. beds) in your apartment/house. The entire process takes up to 1 hour. Oil based residual spray will be done at internal area. Floor/ furniture’s /cot & mattress are included.

    How is anti-termite control treatment performed?
    Anti-Termite treatment is a 3-step process. The technician drills holes at the junction of wall & floor of your house at a spacing of 1ft each. These holes are filled with a CIB (Central Insecticide Board) approved bio-degradable disinfectant chemical & then the holes are sealed using chalk & white cement. The entire process may take an entire day or more depending on the size of the house & the level of infestation.

    What is the warranty on anti-termite treatment?
    The warranty period 1 year.

    How is rodent control treatment performed?
    Rodent control treatment is done using multiple types of rodent traps (sticky glue pads, traps etc.). Also, we help you identify the possible location of entry and exit of rodent so that you can get it sealed properly to prevent it from happening again.

    How is mosquito treatment performed?
    CIB (Central Insecticide Board) approved mosquito repellants are sprayed inside your house/apartment. In extreme cases, we may carry out a more intense fogging process.

  • Where can I see my upcoming and past bookings?
    Go to the menu and click on ‘Booking’. There you can see your current booking as well as completed booking.

    How much in advance can I book for a service?
    You can book the service 1 month in advance.

    What to do if I face any problem in receiving OTP?
    Check your service provider network and the mobile number you are providing for OTP. Click on the ‘Resend OTP’.

    Will I receive a confirmation call?
    Yes, after you are done with your booking you will receive a confirmation message. You will receive a confirmation call soon after.

    Can I make special requests or add any specific instructions to my booking?
    Yes. Before confirming your order, you can add special instructions related to your booking. It would be helpful for us too.

    How can I check the status of my booking?
    You can view your status in ‘Current Booking’ option of ‘Booking’ in menu.

    How do I reschedule my booking?
    You can contact our customer support team requesting for a reschedule

    How do I cancel my booking?
    In ‘Current Booking’ option select that particular job and you will get an option to cancel that job request. Note – A job cannot be cancelled once the technician starts for the particular job.

    Can I change the mobile number/address for service delivery?
    Yes, you can. While selecting the service, there is an option to add the address.

    How do I book a service for someone else?
    While booking a service for someone else, provide their address and contact details while placing an order for the service.

    What to do if I was unavailable during the allotted time of service delivery?
    You can reschedule your service anytime but do let us know before 2 hours and in case of home deep cleaning do let us know before 4 hours.

    Can I add a job to my booking after placing the order?
    No, you cannot. You should book another service.

    Can I re-order for a job?
    Yes. Go to ‘completed booking’ option and select ‘re-order’.

    Can I cancel a part of the job I have booked for?
    No, you should cancel the order and reorder.

  • Trust and Safety

    How can I trust the Zappy to do a good job?
    We ensure you the best service. Each Zappy technician is background verified, screened and trained. In addition, they are required to have valid experience in their respective fields.

    Are these Zappy background verified?
    All the Zappy are thoroughly background verified.

    Where can I rate the Zappy?
    Post service, you will be given a feedback form to fill on which you can rate the Zappy and the service.

  • Payment and Refund

    What are the different modes of payment?
    Online payment and Cash on Delivery option. We are coming up with a lot of customer friendly payment options.

    Are there any hidden charges?
    There are no hidden charges. The charges on our app are inclusive of taxes for the mentioned scope of work.

    What is the maximum discount I can get for a service?
    The maximum discount depends on the offers that are active at the time you place your order.

    Is the payment secure?
    Yes, the payment is secure.

    Can I pay online after the service?
    Yes. Online payment can be done after service.

    How safe is my card information?
    Your card information will not be shared with anyone.

    Do you accept international cards?
    No. We do not accept international cards.

    Is there an extra charge on COD?

    What should I do if my payment transaction has failed and amount has been deducted from my bank account?
    Don’t worry. The deducted amount will be returned to you within some time. If not, you are always welcome to contact our customer care at 8939344444.

    My payment has been debited multiple times, what should I do?
    Don’t worry. The redundant payments will be returned to you within some time. If not, you are always welcome to contact our customer care at 8939344444.

    Can I use my bank’s internet banking feature to make a payment?

    Can I pay using two different modes?
    No. We do not support this at present.

    If the job is not completed, how do I get the refund?
    Refund will be initiated automatically and you will get it within 3-4 days. However, if not, you are always welcome to contact our customer care at +918939344444

  • Coupons

    How to apply for coupons?
    After selecting ‘Book’ option, you will get the details of the services with payable amount where you can apply your coupon code.

    Can I apply coupons for COD?
    Yes, you can apply coupon code for COD as well as for Online payment.

    Can I use multiple coupons on a single order?
    No, you can use only one coupon on a single order.

    What is the maximum discount I can get for a service?
    The maximum discount varies depending on the offers.

    I am unable to use my coupon, what should I do?
    You should try applying the coupon code again. The coupon code may have expired or it may not be valid on that service. If the problem persists, you are always welcome to contact our customer care at +918939344444