Our trained in-house carpenters provide you with installation of all carpentry related appliances. These include doors, wooden cots, furniture, window frames and a lot more.

  • Below are hourly labour costs only.
  • Our prices are based on inspection on your premises from our plumbing experts. Materials can be procured by Zappy, if need be.
  • Zappy will be happy to cover any service, repair or replacement of parts at a later time at a cost.
  • A ladder, if required, should be provided by the client.


  • Door Stopper – Rs.240
  • Door Chain – Rs.240
  • Door Peephole – Rs.240
  • Door Hinges – Rs.240
  • Door Latch – R.240
  • Door Handle – Rs.300
  • Door Closer – Rs.550
  • Door Floor Spring – Rs.2500


  • Door Stopper – Rs.220
  • Door Chain – Rs.220
  • Door Peephole – Rs.220
  • Door Hinges – Rs.220
  • Door Latch – R.220
  • Door Handle – Rs.280
  • Door Closer – Rs.550
  • Door Floor Spring – Rs.2500
bangalore ac services


  • Door Stopper – Rs.320
  • Door Chain – Rs.320
  • Door Peephole – Rs.320
  • Door Hinges – Rs.320
  • Door Latch – R.320
  • Door Handle – Rs.400
  • Door Closer – Rs.550
  • Door Floor Spring – Rs.2500


The scope of work & pricing will be determined after inspection by our carpenter. Additional parts can either be provided or can be procured by Zappy at an extra cost.

bangalore ac services

General Carpentry Work

  • Inspection based pricing
  • General Furniture
  • Mosquito Netting
  • Others

Other Carpentry Services

A quick standard Risk Assessment will be done on the premises by the technician which has to be acknowledged by the customer.

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*All prices are inclusive of GST
*Inspection charges of Rs.100 will be refunded along with your final invoice.