Zappy is here to help you transform your lifestyle from perpetually looking into your home’s maintenance. Zappy aims to give every home a personal maintenance plan in which an individual never has to worry about emergencies or the necessary maintenance to create a hassle-free home environment.

Zappy is created to devise an optimum operational efficiency for the vital systems of a home. Its purpose is to train, develop and employ a well-equipped talent pool to provide instant, trustworthy solutions to the consumer. Zappy is designed to integrate technology into every sphere of home maintenance and responsibly leverage the app revolution.

Zappy represents an elite team of experts from the leading academy in the field of facilities management in the country. A brainchild of the UDS Group, Zappy is an app-based approach to assess men and machine required to repair and service a residence. Enabling you to create a world where you don’t have to part with a significant amount of your time, energy or expenses in cleaning, servicing and maintaining a beautiful home. Where you will also provide the otherwise self-employed technician or carpenter or beautician, a secure income and a collective responsibility.


Inevitably, we are moving towards a future that’s hyper-connected but Zappy is here to ensure that has its own set of benefits. A holistic approach from a business that relies on the satisfaction of every stakeholder involved, from the resource to the consumer via technology.


  • To be a solution-based technological catalyst towards leading a completely convenient life
  • To empower unorganized sectors through IT prowess.


Our work is guided and driven by our commitment to

  • Integrity – We strive to be honest and trustworthy at all times
  • Respect – We respect each person and their experience
  • Professionalism – We act professionally at all times, accepting responsibility for our actions and striving to solve problems
  • Quality and up-to-date expertise – We strive for excellence through continuous improvement
  • Responsiveness and care – We ensure that homes get the right care, at the right time


We at Zappy, strive towards bringing to you the best home services. We provide a variety of Home Improvement services like carpentry, home deep cleaning, pest-control services, plumbing services, electrical services and air conditioner services. Our only goal is to keep you ensured of the quality of our services by providing you with consistent services. What makes us different is that we as a company that was founded in 1985, have a strong base of employees, who are our in-house technicians. This means you can trust our employees with their services. They are all background verified and are trained under our experts of the UDS academy of home services.
We are currently operational across Bangalore and Chennai.


Customer Protection

We provide damage refunds if any, customer assurance is at the heart of our services which covers the customer end-to-end so they can completely benefit from using our services.


Service Guarantee

Satisfaction is of prime importance in our service delivery. Our service guarantee is the commitment of our field technicians and backend personnel. It guarantees a compensation for the customer if the commitment is not honored.


Professional & Reliable

Highly trained staff, advanced equipments and operational efficiency is the professionalism of our service offline. Online we are open to suggestions, encouraging and addressing customer reviews, complaints. Transparency is our reliability creator.


Standard Pricing

No hidden costs, actual estimation and competitive labor costs make us the preferable partner for every home-bound problem. All services are on par with market rates but deliver more value with periodic discounts, loyalty program and when booked as a package.


Trained In house Technicians

All service technicians are trained from the UDS academy which specializes in facilities management pan India, they are comparatively more qualified than your average technician and willing to answer any queries you have informatively.






    • B.R. Omprakash

      B.R. OmprakashVice President - Business Strategy

    • Saugata Chakrabarti

      Saugata ChakrabartiAdditional Director

    • Qutub Mohamed Nooruddin

      Qutub Mohamed NooruddinChief Technical Officer

    • Ashok Kumar NS

      Ashok Kumar NSAVP Operations